Our name says it all...

You love to travel. We love to travel. But, are you sufficiently protected for when something doesn’t go to plan when abroad?

What starts out as you leaving your old life behind in search for something better, can easily turn into a journey you’d rather forget in the event that something goes wrong, especially when it’s through no fault of your own. Only a fool would head out exploring this big wide world without the comfort & reassurance of having back up, when back up is needed.

Welcome to Global Travel Cover, where we specialise in providing - you guessed it - global travel cover. The perfect back up plan to carry with you as you become more than a tourist and see the world in a meaningful way.

Global Travel Cover, Inc is the insurance arm of one of the world’s leading meaningful travel brands, Global Work & Travel , where we know exactly what people like you plan to do as you venture the globe in search of the most epic travel experiences. We offer what we believe is the best value-for-money international travel medical plans, striking the perfect balance of covering you for the things you need, without overcharging you for the things you don’t. Previously available exclusively to customers of Global Work & Travel, we’re now available to everyone, from any country, of any age and going anywhere.

All our plans are excess-free, meaning if you need to make a claim you aren’t required to contribute towards it (something not common with other brands), all include cover for skiing & snowboarding (something we know you’ll probably do, that other brands charge extra for), and we even provide cover for Covid-19 related medical costs as standard (regardless of the destination country’s travel advice, and, what most other brands won’t). As it goes for all insurance products, please read the Certificate of Insurance for specifics.

Global Travel Cover can even be purchased, activated & renewed whilst you’re abroad, something you’ll find hard to do with most standard brands, making it super easy to stay protected as you change your plans and keep on exploring. So make sure before you set-off to see this magical place we call Earth, you’ve got the perfect back up ready to go when you need it; and that, our friend, is as our name suggests.

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